21 ASSETS that Make You Financially Free | How to get rich | 30 FREE Assets 2023

21 ASSETS that Make You Financially Free : In this Article You will learn about 30 Assets, some of these Assets histories are told from Warren Buffett’s childhood book 1000 Ways to Make $1000 and some of the histories are those which my friend is a non-executive, so I hope after Reading this Article, many histories It will come in your brain so let’s start,

21 ASSETS that Make You Financially Free

my dear brother and sister, first of all if people do not understand being financially free means that we should get so much money every month so that we do not have to think about our basic necessities, so basically to achieve freedom.

21 ASSETS that Make You Financially Free

There are two ways to do this – make one with so much cash that we keep getting money throughout our life and this is approximately 25 times of our movement income i.e. if you want ₹ 100000 every month then it becomes 12 lakhs in a year and its 25 times is 3 crores.

If we want Rs 50000 per month, he got suspicious, make a date of Rs 6 lakh and after 12 months, that is, according to many people, this is a number after doing which we can become financially free.

The second way is to get so many paper assets like dividends. Paying shares are extra or create physical assets like rental properties so that we keep getting the minimum required amount every month. So now let us look at 29 assets. You will Read this Article completely because many of these assets will not even be yours.

21 ASSETS that Make You Financially Free

So it comes at number 30. The meaning is that there was a gold rush in California in 1848. Everyone felt that there was a lot of gold in the lands of California, so 3 lakh people reached there.

During the mining, very few people got gold but there were some people who did not take any risk and they Earned money and those were the shopkeepers who were selling digging materials to the mining people, they were selling jeans etc. Something similar has happened recently in the case of cryptocurrency, many people were buying cryptocurrencies, some earned money and some did not earn money.

21 ASSETS that Make You Financially Free

But somewhere people asked the meaning of cryptocurrency, then basically in the crypto world, the meaning means that you leave a computer on, it will consume some electricity and give its processing part, in return we will get crypto coins which we can sell if we talk about big scale. In China and America, people did crypto mining on a very large scale and when the price of Bitcoin etc. increased, they made a lot of money.

If we talk about their smaller scale, then people were earning a lot of money by keeping these mining rigs in their homes. Definition of Actual Assets I was almost addicted to Assets because to manage it we had to invest very little time and we could start investing in Rs 25000 to 30000.

21 ASSETS that Make You Financially Free

Preparation mining rigs comes at 29th number. Now many people were finding this too risky. Why did we put the mining rigs in house? I don’t know whether the price of Bitcoin or Ethereum will go up tomorrow or not. So those who wanted to play safer started selling the mining rigs instead of doing it themselves so that they can always remain profitable. So the mining rigs basically you. We can assume that there is a kind of CPU box.

Mining card comes at number 28. The next type of people in crypto mining were those who were not even sending the actual mining risk but were sending the graphic card inside it, which is the motherboard. We used to order these cards only when there was actual demand. Many people suffered losses in the meantime because it seemed that the Government of India could make crypto.

21 ASSETS that Make You Financially Free

Renting comes on 27th Number. So we had a loan which was a normal loan. He was in job but every year he used to do something different which other people of his age group did not do. Every year he invested a little money and by the time of his retirement he had created a rental property which had 10 to 12 units and all the rents were That means he was now financially free.

Not only this, if he wanted, he could have generated more rental income by building more rooms in the same building. I hope you got the point. This is a great example but very few people execute it because There is a slightly slower method, if you think that I do not have enough money to invest in rental properties,

21 ASSETS that Make You Financially Free

then for this the next Assets comes for you and is at number 26, It is the way many people in mutual funds. Together, we pay money to an expert to invest money for us in the best company, which we get returns, similarly in real estate, when we pay money to property experts, they buy good properties and submit the rent and distribute it.

Such assets are called REIT i.e. Real Estate Investment Trust. In this, along with rental income, we also get the benefit of appreciation of the property. This is a comparatively new concept in India too, but Embassy Office Park Rate Mindspace Business Park. Rate and Brookfield India Real Estate Trust is the Real Estate Investment Trust of India.

21 ASSETS that Make You Financially Free

Digital course comes at number 25. If we have any Skills like Investing Video Editing, Real Estate, Digital Marketing then we can sell it online by creating a digital course but for this we have to Will we need marketing skills or the audience which we already have? We will discuss about marketing skills in detail later.

Dividend paying stocks come at number 24. Somewhere the company becomes so big that they do not know how to generate their profits again. Where to run waste, hence it gives some part of its profit to its shareholders who get the benefit of dividend. Investors feel that if the company does well then the price of their shares will also increase and they will also get dividends.

21 ASSETS that Make You Financially Free

Bajaj Auto ITC Gel is a company which gives dividends but how to know whether the shares of this company should be bought or not. If you are interested in this Assets class, then you can study The Falcon Method book.

Precious metals like gold and silver come at number 23. Many people consider gold or silver to be Assets, especially Robert Kiyosaki who has written about many silver and Gold coins are kept in boxes in their homes because the price of gold and silver is always increasing but investors do not consider gold and silver as assets. They believe that it is not an income generating asset, that is, it does not do anything on its own. Anyway, we will have to take the final decision ourselves as to whose theory we are satisfied with.

21 ASSETS that Make You Financially Free

It comes at number 22. I wish if we have done so much with cash that it has R interest only it can give us so much money that we become financially free. To optimize the interest rate, people invest money in index funds for 12 years and withdraw half the amount after every 12 years. Regarding this, we have already made a detailed Article, the link of which we will give in this article.

At number 21. Comes online eBook You See How He is an American science fiction writer who wrote the very famous science fiction series Zero, then he started his books by self-publishing them in Amazon Kindle which is almost free and there was a time when he earned Rs. 20,000 per month.

21 ASSETS that Make You Financially Free

21 ASSETS that Make You Financially Free

30000 copies were being sold which means around Rs 1 crore per month but I have seen that it is very difficult to replicate this kind of success in India because very few people spend money for content but if you are looking for foreign countries. If you can write content or are good in marketing then this can work.

Rent Your Cars comes at number 20. One of our non-residents is in Jab and he had given his extra car on rent for tourism because his Some friends were in hotels so that all their tax installments would be covered and they kept getting extra income even after the law was abolished. The issue is that we stop after making an Assets but real financial knowledge is when we keep making assets life long.

Farming comes at number 19, especially mushroom farming is something which has a lot of potential, especially if there is a market near you where there is a demand for mushrooms. One of my friends was once telling me the story of his nun that someone opened a mushroom farm.

21 ASSETS that Make You Financially Free

There were people working there who take out the mushrooms from the middle and I was laughing at the owner that the owner never visits but in my opinion the owner is intelligent who has made Assets for himself and he is also profitable. Who cares if a few mushrooms disappear in between? Anyway,

Land comes at number 18. Weekend Land has everything from pet marketing to marriage places to training centers for retired soldiers, all these are opportunities which, if possible in our case, can be availed of.

We can consider that high income skills come at number 17. High income skills are those skills which are in demand in the market and for them we are getting comparatively more money than others. For example, mobile app development is a job where freelancers are We have earned million dollars i.e. 7 crore rupees from a website like Work. Its advantage is that we as freelancers can also target high paying clients like them.

21 ASSETS that Make You Financially Free

Freelancing comes at number 16, so freelancing is not just for application development but We can do other things also. In my opinion, this is the best way to develop our skill because we get a chance to work on real projects, so if we are learning a new scheme and along with it we can become a full answer. If we go, we can improve our skills very quickly. If we are in the learning stage, we can work for free also.

Make your own application comes at number 15. If you are good in app development and you have an influencer friend. Or is there a person who is good in marketing then both of you can make a product in partnership and if it becomes successful then both of you will become financially free very soon.

Equipment comes on 14th Number Automatic Paper Plate Making Machine Dona Making Machine Paper Cup making machine is such equipment whose cost is around ₹ 100000, which can give us a huge amount on investment and then provide it. In this, we should already have someone ready who is already ready to take all this from us, otherwise there is no use in investing.

21 ASSETS that Make You Financially Free

13th Affiliate marketing comes at number one. If we become good in marketing but we do not have our own product, then first we can sell the product of others and every time we sell someone’s product, we will get some commission. New startups allow us to do normal signup. They also pay good money, especially when they are in the customer acquisition stage, like you pay ₹ 400 to users on Stock who want to open a free demat account on their platform.

YouTube channel comes at 12th number, although many Article have been made in it. And I hope we all do it as a family too, it is a high income scale, if you have an audience then they can earn money and soon we can be financially free. I know a little bit about it. Try to go.

Royalty comes at the 11th number. My brother was a teacher, so he gave a lesson to his school students for practicals. Had written one or two books, now obviously the students of his school will buy his books for which he keeps getting commission again and again. I mean, I continued for 10 to 15 years, so this continued.

21 ASSETS that Make You Financially Free

Bond comes at number 10. If we find it risky to buy shares of the company. If yes, then instead of shares we can buy bonds. Bond means that we are lending to the company. If we do not have confidence in the company, then we can also buy bonds from Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Currently, 7.15% rate is available in it, which is That is more than FD,

The agent comes at 9th number. I have a friend who was a quality engineer and he made his wife a like agent and because being a quality engineer, he sold a lot of policies, so I hope you got the point of hyping. As far as commission is concerned, according to LIC’s website, if we sell 10 policies of ₹ 2000 per month, our commission for the year is ₹ 10 lakh 8000 and if we sell only 2 policies of ₹ 2000 per month, If you can sell then you can earn Rs 2 lakh extra in a year. I wish we will get commission in the first year and even after that,

Facebook advertising comes at number 8th. I have many YouTube friends who are selling digital products through Facebook advertising and most of all The interesting thing is that they do not have any product of their own, what are they doing now, I cannot reveal that because their advertising champions are running but Facebook advertising in marketing is scale and if we match it with business scale. So this will greatly shorten our journey towards financial freedom.

21 ASSETS that Make You Financially Free

Next comes AirBnB. If we have any extra floor vacation home available which we do not use then one of the best way is to list it on AirBnB and rent them. But for those who don’t know, AirBnB is an application in which we can list the price and photos of our house and tourists can stay in it in exchange for a small commission.

The identity of the tourist is verified by AirBnB. Even if tourists vandalize our house, AirBnB gives us insurance up to Rs. 7 crores, so if your house is in a place where tourists come then it can become the best source of income.

Angel Investing comes at number 6th. The concept in this is that if you need money from a new startup. If we have faith in the founder then we can invest in his business initially and if it becomes successful then our money will also increase over time which is not possible in normal investing so we had invested Rs 50 lakhs. The investor got the exit in about 3 years.

Earlier in 2018, who bought their estate for 28 crores in 18 or 17, however, this option is not available for everyone because in maximum cases for this we have to be a credited investor. According to the Indian Government, the organization is not CBC regulated. If we want to invest in that company then we should have at least Rs 5 crore in liquid form and annual gross investment should be Rs 50 lakh.

Now you must be thinking that if we had that much money then we would already be financially free. There would have been ten more, you are right but this was the point, so I thought that I should share.

21 ASSETS that Make You Financially Free

Business comes at number 5th. This is one of the best and my favorite way because maybe I myself am inclined in this direction, so if we talk to any of our friends or If you open a startup with a partner and it becomes successful, then the account of financial freedom can be achieved in a few years.

My one recommendation in business is the concept of first who then what, that is, first decide that you will do business together. Who do you want in it and later decide what to do because most of the businesses flourish only because the relationship between the founders gets spoiled in stressful times.

Index fund comes at the 4th number. Index fund is one of the easiest way financially. It will be free and the best thing is that our money will keep on growing automatically if we just start but the issue is that not many people invest in it because they think that it will take too much time and in actual it also takes 10 But for 20 and 30 years, if we are anyway doing long term planning for some goal, then we can consider it.

Sale design T-shirt online comes at the 3rd place. Again, if you are comfortable in Facebook advertising. Or if you have any loan which is comfortable in FB advertising then we can sell design shirts. If you are interested in design T-shirt business then the best way would be to see the work of already successful people who are already doing this. Do not waste time in your own experiments to become successful.

21 ASSETS that Make You Financially Free

BPO of managing comes at 2nd place. BPO i.e. Business Process Outsourcing means that big businesses outsource many of their tasks i.e. get it done by another agency and we are that agency. Work can be done like accounting, marketing, research, sales, customer service or call center work. The business gives it to other agencies by the way. People who may be feeling that or And this is a very boring job, so the billionaire Kunal Shah, the founder of Cred and Freecharge, had earlier done BPO.

Finally the most important asset comes at the 1st number. Warren Buffett’s very famous knowledge is the most important investment you can make us. In Yourself in Short, all the assets that we have discussed need time and knowledge to actually execute them. The shortest way to do the Knowledge Game is to learn from them who are experts in these things. So if you are in the life of 1000 mentors.

Best Financial Tips

In the beginning of this Article we had said that if our monthly expenditure is Rs 1 lakh then our annual income should be 25 times i.e. 25 times of Rs 12 lakh should be Rs 3 crore. But what do we have to do with these three crores, for this we have already made a Article, we will give its link in the description. If you feel that these Assets have opened up opportunities in your brain,

then you must Read this Article with your friends or family members. Share it because it will have the same impact on them too. Anyway, friends, if you do not want to miss such knowledge Article, You can also comment and tell on which topic you want the next Article. We will soon share it.

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