3 SECRET FORMULA OF TOPPERS : Parents belong to an average lower middle class family but you have good schooling so they spend more money in your education and put you in a good rich school. Today is your first day of school and your date gives you his scooter. You are happy too, but as soon as you reach school, you realize that you are the only one who is on a scooter, all the other children are coming in their parents’ big cars.

You don’t care much about it and you think that You will make new friends, you will be friends with everyone, but as soon as you go to a group of rich children, the other children look at you and say to their friends, what a nonsense these people are, in our school, we will not talk to them, so you How will you feel and being such a student,



will you go into depression because now you have been spending many years in the hostel of this school or will you do something extraordinary, I don’t know but this is what happened with Yashish Dhaiya ji, the founder of Policy Bazaar. Now you must be thinking that if all this happened to him then how did he progress so far, he went to IIT,

got selected in IIT and now he has opened a company whose valuation is around 42000 crores, so this is Yashish Dhaiya says that when he went to Sanawar school, he became very introverted because everyone there was rich, but then what happened was that after a few years, he shifted from Sanawar to Delhi where there were children like him,

there he Did the confidence game again. One of the biggest reasons for gaining confidence was because other schoolmates told him that hey, you are very good in Physics and Maths, you should prepare for exams like IIT, you can crack this exam so that you can crack this thing.

I got a lot of confidence and for the first time he reassured that there is something different in him too and he just says that in the movement in which we consider ourselves special, we become special, so our first lining is that we are unique, first of all.



We should celebrate that exams alone are not the only way to tell whether we will be successful or a failure in life because the day we decide, no one can stop us from being successful and it is not like we can just focus our minds. That you are special, we all are very, very special in reality.

Now how special we are has been explained in a very amazing way by the amazing authors Khurshid and Dinesh in their book Ready Steady Go. They say that just imagine us to be born.

First our parents had to like each other and then we had to be intimate on this exact movement at which moment it happened. If they had not forgotten the date of time darling today then we would have never been born and the story is here. But it would not have happened otherwise, our parents’ parents also had to be intimate on this exact movement,

if they had not had intercourse in this exact second, then our parents would not have been born and if our parents had not been born, we too would not have existed and this We can imagine things from the very beginning.


Ever since man was born on earth, everything would have been exactly as it was. If even a single spirit second had gone here and there, we would never have been born and why only a second. Even in a plate second, every time 250 million sperms were moving towards one person.

If out of those 250 million sperms, the exact same sperm which has reached one person had not reached that one, then we would not have been born, that is why every life in this world is so special that Actually the whole universe has influenced us so much to create us.

Next point says that before opening Act Like Arjun Policy Bazaar, Yashish Dhaiya and his wife used to work in London but then Yashish Dhaiya thought of opening a business in India. Now the problem was that his wife was working in London and his children were also studying there,

so it was difficult for the family to come to India and also to bear the expenses of the family living in London with the money from the startup in India. It was also very difficult but after getting the funding, he could not lag behind.

Anyway, he started the startup. It is called this thing at the time when the owner of a competitor came to him and said, shut down your startup otherwise you would not have known us. What will we do, you are harming our business, all the employees sitting there got scared but this is what they say, they said, do whatever you have to do, do it,

why are you saying this, they said, are you threatening us? On this they say this thing, no, I am telling the truth, whatever has to be done, you do it, if you want to close down our company, then get it done, you will be doing me a favor.


On this, all the employees of this thing started looking at this thing, What are they saying but this thing they say is that I told him all this in actual time and that was because he wanted to go back to London to his family and also the money he was getting as a salary from the startup.

There were not many of them but this thing believes that once he commits to anything, then he follows it just like Arjun. Single Minded Focus Statement: He knows that he doesn’t give time to anything else.

That he himself will never be able to tell his investors that if he is leaving the company and joining his own company, he will do his work in a single Minded Full Focus state, no matter what is happening to him and this.

Because of his attitude he cracked every exam and finally made the policy market big in short. Our learning from this case study is that we have to work like Arjun in Full Focus State only then we can excel in the thing in which We want to do it. Next point comes, don’t jump improvised.


Just imagine. There are two boys, Rahul and Vikas. Both of them want to do something big in life. Both of them are also Mehndi but there is a difference in the attitude of both of them. Rahul thinks that I do not have much time in life. Whatever he has to do, he does it quickly, hence he does not give that much importance to small skills. If he sets any goal, he thinks about it very seriously and if he also wants to lose weight, then he can do 10 to 12 tasks in a month.

He wants to do all the same, he will stop eating and thinks that he can exercise for two to three hours every day and that is why many times he gets frustrated with his goal setting, while on the other hand, Vikas also has his goal to do something big in life. And he also understands a little fast but important concept and that is Flow State.

This concept says that you will get fun and happiness in your work only if you give yourself a little difficult task as per your capacity and in this condition we We will be able to achieve happiness through work. We will become that successful person who gets happiness even in the journey of success. We can understand this from this diagram.


If we have very high skills and we are always doing very easy tasks then we will reach the bottom right of the chart i.e. in the board state and like Rahul, if we give ourselves very difficult tasks with our skill set. So we will reach the top left area given in the chart i.e. in the situation of anxiety and stress and this is the region that even though Rahul is improving in basic life,

he is always frustrated, so in short the learning from this is that if we also If we are feeling frustrated then we can remember the slow chart and this will help us a lot in fine tuning ourselves as to what level of task we should take up now.

So friends, in this Article we saw the first point that first of all they have to Bali was ‘They are special because they are’ in which we did a good story about Yashish Dhaiya’s story about how he had gained confidence in Synover but after going to Delhi when his friends told him that he is special and good in Maths Physics, he tried harder. Did it and today everyone knows him and his company Policy Bazaar. Well, there is another example of my friend who had three-four backlogs in engineering.


His users i.e. university entrance, I got selected in the Indian Army and as soon as he did this, he Cleared all his backlog in the last semester and also passed with good marks because he got the reason to do something. Next we saw that Act like Arjun work on fully focused state in which we told that the story was good that how of course Initially,

he was not that interested in working in the policy market while staying away from his family, but despite this, he has a principle in life that once he commits to something, he always completes it, no matter what.


Next we looked at two incremental improvements i.e. make small improvements, of course make those small improvements at a fast rate. To understand this concept we looked at a diagram from the book floor of Me Hi Cakes and Me Hai and how we ourselves You can keep yourself in a flow state and that is by assigning your challenge appropriately according to your skill set. Friends,

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