EASIEST WAY TO GET SUCCESSFUL| How To Be a Billionaire Best Way

EASIEST WAY TO GET SUCCESSFUL : We will tell you the easiest way to be successful in life, so please Read this Article till the end. Friends, all the history we have given in this Article has been taken from book ho to be a billionaire,

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Let’s start. Imagine you have to go from Chandigarh to Delhi and you do not know the way, then what will you do obviously? We will confirm it on Google Maps or sign board or the person who has already gone there or we will walk in any direction in the discovery of a new path of our super intelligence .

Maybe now you will be laughing and thinking that obviously which This is the common path, we will go from there, but now just think that in every problem of life, we comment on it.


If we face problem in real life, then we think that we should ask our friend or ask Verma Uncle. He is very intelligent but have we ever stopped to think whether the person whose bed we are taking has any knowledge about the field and if so, is he an expert in the field and is he even older than that?

We think that no, we don’t need anyone’s help, we will do it ourselves. Imagine someone has to design a card and his attitude is something like, no, I don’t need anyone’s help, I will also design the tire well and its steering. We must be laughing at the fact that I will make the wheel myself, but if we zoom out and look at our life, then somewhere our thinking pattern is also the same. The easiest way to win friends is to follow the proven models.



Follow the paths that have already been taken and no one else’s mistakes are far away because we learn only from mistakes. Now imagine that if you want to reach your goal and achieve school, you will have to make a hundred mistakes. So you do not need to do all these hundreds of mistakes, out of these 80 mistakes, you can already see that someone else has done them, so we can avoid those mistakes and this is the shortest path to reach your goal in these short G fields.

We also want to be the best, we learn it from the experts in the field and follow their advice until we reach their level and once we reach their level and want to excel them, only then do we find someone of our own. There is a need to invent the idea and friend, it is not my idea.


Most of the people who are in the best Lead class of the world say that you should learn from the experience of others and add some value to it and this is the shortest path to your Goal. To achieve that you know that Google is a perfect search engine, Google is a corporate weight, Yahoo is obviously much better or Yahoo,

this is not an original idea and Facebook is all too much better but still a copied version if social network sites. Like Orkut and the world’s richest man Mr. Bill Gates became rich because of the software MS DOS, he did not even have his own software, he bought it from someone else for USD 50000. Now suppose that you are in trouble and you need help.

21 ASSETS that Make You Financially Free

The world’s best minds like Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani, Ratan Tata, Steve Jobs, Sardi and Lady Dalai Lama, Gandhiji, Tony Robbins, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Ma, Shri Khan Negi, Robert Ki, Usha, Samani Sainik, may the brain of all these come to you, the history of all this should come to you. What will happen exactly if you come, will you be the most successful person in this planet?


Now the question arises that why so many successful people will share their history with you? Either more than half of these people are dead or very busy but Out of these, maximum people have already helped you, it has already been written in the form of books, but the problem of most of us is that we have never seen books from this perspective,

we have always seen it in the form of printed pages. But if we look at books as valuable secret histories instead of printed pages, then perhaps there is nothing more interesting than this. So do share this Article. If you liked this Article, you can like it.

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