GET RICH SLOW : Author David says that there used to be someone in his office who looked very rich but if you look at his finances, he was broke. Author says that one day a man came to my office in a Porsche car and along with him he He was wearing a gold Rolex watch but when David saw his financial condition, his house was on loan, he had a credit card bill of Rs 4 lakh and there were Rs 5 lakh in the bank.

If this person ever faced any emergency, he would have faced a lot of problems. Had to face another Mercury couple sitting in David’s office who already knew David. David and the couple sitting with him started laughing at the human being.


Then David told him to the human being, look this is Jim, this is a millennium but then Also wear a watch that is older than 10 years, on this Jim said, it is not 10, it is 18 years old.


On this, the man asked the couple whose name was Jim and S, how did you guys become millenniums? On this, S said, if you have 15 minutes, I will do it. I can tell you my story of life, how we manage our money. The person said yes, why 15 minutes, I have a whole one hour to give you knowledge and to listen, she started telling her life story. She said, I was married when I was 21.


He was 19 years old and I was 19 years old. After our honeymoon, our parents called us and said that now you people will have to manage your money well. Look, you have two options, either you get a salary every month like everyone else. You can live a life where as soon as your salary comes, you can spend it on things or you can spend some portion of your salary every month, then the first lesson is to pay yourself first. When Jim listened to Su’s parents, he asked you to sit on the chair.


He relaxed and sat down and said just this, we will do it easily, but you say that for a few months we tried to do it with money but we could not do anything, every month there was some expense or the other and it seemed like this. That our salary is the only thing and then we would have a fight. You say that once there will be so much argument between us that I called my mom and said mom, we are not able to do anything, on this Su’s mom said Budgeting does not work. Your grandfather and I also tried it.


The best way is that as soon as you get your salary, 10% of it should automatically go into your savings account. After 1 to 2 months, you will not even realize that you are spending 10% of your salary. % and you will get into the habit of living on 90% of your salary only. You say that after this discussion, initially we started depositing not 10% but 4% automatically in the bank because we felt that I thought that this would be very difficult to do but then gradually we moved forward at 10% and even today we do it at 15%. On this the man wearing a Rolex watch said, what did you start saving on?

First of all, sleep on it. We started doing this for retirement planning. At that time, the company in which we worked used to allow us to do this with extra money every month. None of our friends had taken such a step but we did and today we are proud. After that, our next priority was to pay for our house. Both of our parents had told us that their house was the best investment of their life and also gives happiness, but even if you finish the entire loan for your house.


This has happened so try to complete the loan as soon as possible. After this comes the second lesson. Listen to the light effect and start saying further. Look, our friends used to be busy in decorating their rented houses. For that, they go out and buy new decorative pieces. Rich said that this means that by not buying things for home decoration and not eating out, you have paid for the entire lunch at home. On this you said, yes you. You can understand something like this.

Actually, our parents told us a trick to finish the loan quickly and we used it and that trick was that if your monthly loan installment is ₹ 10000, then you can repay ₹ 10000 in one installment. See, give Rs 5000 every 15 days, now you will have to pay only Rs 10000 per month, but the total interest you will have to pay on the entire loan will be useful and the loan will end in 25 years instead of 30 years. Stopping at this point. I too have heard this point for the first time but we will have to ask our bank how it works in India.


If so, then this is a very good plan, especially if we make it automatic and the payments keep happening automatically. Anyway, coming back to the story. Said that apart from this monthly payment, we also reduced our expenditure on non-essential things like instead of drinking expensive coffee, we drank normal coffee, instead of eating out, we made brushes at home and used the extra money as loans. Due to which our entire home loan got exhausted in our late 30’s.

After the completion of this home loan, we thought what to do with the extra installment money that is left and should we start offering it, but we Decided that we will buy another new house in installments and put this old house on rent and now we have two houses, one on rent and a new one in which we live and we have paid the loan on both. After this Jim said that Another thing dry mom taught us was to never borrow anything. We applied the same thing to ourselves and taught our daughter the same. Tailored suits on this.


Yes, Jim needed a new vote and we Worked for it for 5 years and then took the vote instead of taking it there quickly and the amazing thing is that we bought a second hand but it did not last much and the price was almost half of the new board Su said again We have been married for 30 years now, but we have never had a credit card. The next important lesson we learned was Don’t Rally on Bills and Discipline.

Su and her husband Jim had not just read all these concepts, they had lived them, so You tell me the next secret of your wealth and she said, I don’t think that if we had believed in our discipline or Billpar, we would have been able to make even half of that today. On this, the person who explained that role said, I don’t understand without self-discipline, your accounts. How do I have so much money and apart from this, two houses and that too without any loan?


Listen, I replied, look, when we got married, we were in our 20s and we had desires like all young couples do and it is very difficult at this stage. We have to fulfill all those desires from the market, especially at a young age, that is why we were able to do so much because of the money that was automatically deducted from our salary in the beginning and the money kept getting deposited automatically, for this we had to work hard in the beginning in the bank.

We had to go and sign a lot of papers, only then our money starts being transferred automatically, but nowadays it does not take even half an hour for youngsters to do all this, everything is done on the mobile itself. It took only 15 minutes for our daughter to complete all this process. Jim agreed to automate this and hence we got this extraordinary result.

Jim said no, there was nothing extraordinary in it, everything is so easy that anyone can automate this process and do it without any worry. We can live our life and it is not that we have a very frugal life chain.


In the last 30 years, we have enjoyed a lot, got many vacations like our friends took, despite this we also saved well and did not pay any interest on home loan. No tension, the only difference was that some things were automated. You spoke your final words and because of this automation, we were able to enjoy our life.

Now we did not want to keep sleeping about money all the time. Just in the beginning, we automated it. We spent some time on this, the man wearing Rolex kept checking these two couples and S and Jim both held each other’s hands and went out of the author’s office like a young couple.


Friends, we told you all these things. so friends. After listening to Jim and Sukh’s amazing story, once we revised their principle, the process is a little slow but it works and there is no need of bill park in it, so first of all we saw Pay Yourself First i.e. anyone. Before giving some money from your salary, pay yourself otherwise it is difficult to be financially stable.

Next was the attraction factor. This means that if we are getting something of SIM quality at a cheap price then you should prefer buying it like drinking expensive letters and coffee.


Instead of this, we can drink cheap coffee. If someone has the habit of cigarette or alcohol, then we can make him work. If we save even ₹ 200 a day in things, then we can save ₹ 6000 in a month, ₹ 72000 in a year and 10 years. 7 lakh 20000 and this is just a normal saving, if we invest it somewhere then it will shorten our journey of becoming a millennium. Next we had seen that do not buy on credit, if not there then no tension and if not there then no tension.

Where to invest your first ₹1000?

So, there is no disease related to stress, hence, prefer that we do not buy anything there and finally, the most important part, do not release it on your bill and self-discipline, i.e. take a moment and decide with how much money you have to do it and that Where to invest the money and after that make everything automatic, if there is no automation then you will need self-discipline every time,

you will have to fight with your desires and eventually our desires will outweigh us and we will not be able to win anyway friends. If you feel that this Article can educate your friend or family member financially then you must share this Articlewith them.

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