Where to invest your first ₹1000? , HOW TO INVEST IN YOUR 20’S | WHERE SHOULD WE INVEST FIRST ₹1000

Where to invest your first ₹1000? : Do you know how we can earn Rs 187 crore 63 lakh 47180 from ₹ 1000, then don’t worry, you will Read this Article completely because in this we will see this calculation with proof.

Anyway, do you know that Jim Simmons asked Warren Buffett Took three times more returns and that too for 30 years but still his wealth is less than Warren Buffett Peter Kheleon took almost on average 5 times returns from Warren Buffett and that too for 22 years yet.

Where to invest your first ₹1000

Where to invest your first ₹1000?

His wealth is less than Warren Buffett Do you know why this happened because Warren Buffett understood this compound equation in his childhood because he knew how much money he will get when it depends on three things, principal i.e. how much money do you have to invest and i.e. What rate of interest can we take and T means time and because the work is ahead, he did not have money but he did not say that I am small,

I do not have money and what can I do now, rather he thought that That I may not have basic money but I have plenty of time and I can increase the rate of interest as per my scale, hence compounding can work for me. Similarly, we should also think that of course we have less money right now but we still have time. Available in this equation, no 40 year old person will have that much time.

Where to invest your first ₹1000

Of course, if he wants a room on Rs 1 crore per year, then in this Article we will see in detail what and how we can invest our first ₹ 1000. So let’s start my dear brother and sister ok so now let us imagine that you and your best friend have ₹ 1000 your best friend wants to spend it on some pleasure Netflix subscription movies extra because he believes Friend,

live in the present, 1000 Rs is going to change someone’s life, I will get a good job in the future and he doesn’t know how many thousand rupees I will earn, but you are a little intelligent, you are a long visionist, you know what compounding is when interest is on top of it.

If you get interest then even a small amount becomes big but where to invest is the question, if you start investing money in Nifty 50 from 20 years to 50 years then after 30 years i.e. at the age of 50 you will have Rs 60 lakhs. There will be around extra cash whereas the total amount you have invested in these 30 years is only Rs 370000 and that too in installments.

Where to invest your first ₹1000

This is its calculation. If you are interested in it then you can take a screenshot of it or watch it in slow motion. In this we have given the rate of interest. We have taken a real example of 15% with real data.

We will see further that if we have invested more money then this amount will be huge. Now let’s see what would have happened to your best friend. He comes to his senses at the age of 30. And he starts investing three times more than you at Rs 3000 every month. Despite this, at the age of 50, he will have Rs 18 lakh more than you, that is, only Rs 43 lakh. This is not your friend’s investment calculation. You can also see this once.

They might be thinking that these are very good returns but from where will they get these returns, maximum people know that this is an index fund named Nifty 50 which can give us an on and average return of 15%. If you want to know more about it. So we have made a detailed course on it, the link of which will be given in the description.

Now we will give it to the maximum people. This question must be coming in the mind of the people that if we can earn so much money, then why are the maximum people not able to continue only Region One?

Where to invest your first ₹1000

Most of the people think that what will happen if I am not able to deposit the money every month? Now CIT means Systematic Investment Plan and in this we are depositing the money, it is not an EMI of the loan that if we do not pay then the bank will charge us. But we will file a court case, so there is no need to be afraid, if we want, we can close Shiv anytime or put more money in it or put less money in it or even withdraw more money and no one will blame us.

There will be no court case. The second reason due to which people close early is the volatility i.e. the ups and downs in the market which people consider as risk. Let us understand this with a real example. This is the actual answer of Nifty 50. In this, first of all, pen. Investment date i.e. the day on which we will invest money in Nifty 50, second column is cumulative invested amount i.e. how much money we have invested till now in total and third column is market value i.e. how much has our invested money become now,

so in the first row we If we invest Rs 1000 on 30th June 1999, it will remain at Rs 1000. After one month i.e. on 30th July 1999, if we invest again Rs 1000, then the total money we have invested till now is Rs 2000 because Rs 1000 was invested last month and 1000 this month and its market value will be 214.

Where to invest your first ₹1000

In this movement maximum people are happy that our ₹ 2000 has been converted into ₹ 21000. Our money is increasing and ₹ 104. We took the job in just 2 months which means that we have proximity. 5.2% will be on in 2 months i.e. around 30% of the year,

we will create a stir but in reality there is no stir, now we look ahead, till the third month of our investment, we have invested ₹ 3000 and it has become 3287 In the fourth month, Rs 4000 has become Rs 4266 but till now everything was fine but in the fifth month till now the total investment we have made is Rs 5000 which has become Rs Waited at 4834, but now you will say, what is this,

I have gone into loss, now you will start doubting this theory, the situation will be fine in next few months, but then again in 14 15 16 Math, the market value of your navy is also affected by your investment. You will think that it has been a year and 14 months are going on, better than this I will deposit it in the FD of some bank and this thing will continue, this is called volatility,

Where to invest your first ₹1000

it has been more than 2 years since you saw it in 28 Maths. Investing ₹ 1000 every month but the value of these 28000 rupees is 20000 267 rupees, after 4 years the value of 48000 is 42838. At this time maximum people will say what a useless thing, how to get it out. Had you seen the useless Article or John Bagal who gave the theory?

This is also an idiot and as soon as you withdraw your money, you suffer a loss because in the stock market, the actual loss or profit is in the withdrawal of money, otherwise it was paper money, but those who will keep Shiv continuous in actual and keep moving forward will be the ones who will get the returns.

If you find that in 30 10 2007, those who have invested total Rs 1000 till now, their money has become Rs 4 lakh 12916, which will again increase or increase in seconds. Till 2017, you have invested total Rs 2 lakh 15000 more. Your total amount has become 929510 and finally if we talk till date i.e. till 30th August 2021, then till now we have invested 273000 and the total market value of your boat is 18 lakh 6826 i.e. 18 lakh rupees and if we take the percentage of If you look at the returns,

Where to invest your first ₹1000

you have got total return of 15.3% and this is the utility region due to which no one invests, hence Warren Buffett says whenever I buy stocks, the Assam market is closed for next 5 years i.e. when I buy shares of the company.

So I assume that the market is closed for the next 5 years because they know that because the value of shares will keep rising and falling and volatility is the nature of share market I know always many people have very big dreams and you people must be thinking That friend, 18 lakh rupees is not a big amount, although you had invested only ₹ 1000 every month,

if you had invested more, it would have gone exponentially. Anyway, I had invested 11 years late. We are 9 years late and we start investing. At the age of 20, we keep investing Rs 1000 every month and even after getting a job worth lakhs, we do not increase any money. Warren Buffett is already 91 years old and his network is Rs 6.4 lakh crore. You tell me that?

If you do not have any skill set and we keep investing only in index funds, then what will be your network at the age of 91 years if we keep 15% rate of interest on index funds and invest only Rs 1000 per month i.e. only Rs 12000 per year.

Where to invest your first ₹1000

If we keep investing then if we start from 20 years then at the age of 91 years we will have 187 crores 63 lakhs 470170 rupees and 11 paise. Here is its calculation. If we want, we can see it in detail. I mean not bad us. Like a phone buffet, there was no need to read the annual report of any company, only Rs 1000 were automatically transferred to the index fund every month.

Those of us who are sleeping will not know whether we will live till 91 years or not. What is the use then tell me that you yourself are comparing yourself with Warren Buffett and we do not have the patent till his next one.

Anyway, those who are smart must have understood the message of this Article and will use their intelligence to do something by doing it. If we take some action then friends, basically in this we saw that if we do not have much money in the beginning then only we have time and interest rate for the illusion of compounding. Then we saw that generally people could not continue in index funds because of its volatility.

Where to invest your first ₹1000

There are ups and downs, apart from this we saw that it is not just like any bank’s EMI loan that if we do not invest then a court case will be filed against us, we can close it whenever we want, we can put more money or withdraw money. Friends, if there is any young person in your house, then do share this Article with him so that he can also understand investing.

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